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Tool Hire

Pre/5 Tool Collection

  Post 1969 tool hire is available HERE

Part Tool R24 R25 R25/2 R25/3 R51/2 R51/3 R67 R67/2 R68 R26 R27 R50 R50S R60 R69 R69S R69US Other
1225Timing cover centreing bush                  
1282Rear main bearing extractor                  
1292Flywheel lock                  
1311Flywheel puller                  
1355ACamshaft puller                  
1499Universal puller                  
1529clutch plate centreing mandrel                  
1533Cardan Coupling Holding Tool                  
1535front main bearing installation tool                  
1V5030magneto rotor & armature extractor bolt                  
1V5038installation drift for front main bearing                  
1V5048alignment bush for rear main bearing                  
1M55mm allen key                  
1M66mm allen key                  
1M4141mm socket and bar                  
16203Xcamshaft bearing extractor                  
3530clutch compression bolts                  
18128valve guide drift                  
1499Xoil pump gear puller                  
1319/1mainspring spring compressor                  
1494output flange socket                  
1500output flange lock                  
1501output flange puller                  
Final Drive
1299Ashaft - toothed coupling puller                  
1505oil seal protection bush                  
1506ADouble slotted spanner for screw cover                  
1507Drive shaft / pinion lock                  
1508shaft coupling lock                  
1MS24multi spanner and pin wrench                  
1517hub pin wrench                  
25094spring / damper unit compression tool                  
130203Xswing arm bearing extractor front and rear                  
1V5050brake drum guage                  
1US1universal spanner and pin wrench                  
1 workshop manual bmw                  
1 tap for plug hole within cylinder head                  
1 tap for swing arm threads