The BMW Club Vintage & Classic Register

Useful Contacts

If there's anything we can do to help personally then please don't hesitate to get in touch. We may not always have the answer but we'll try to put you in contact with a man (or woman) who does!

People like these:

Vintage and Classic Register Secretary

Dr Deneys Schreiner

Tool Hire Organiser

Mike Delacoe

Technical Officer 

Mike Fishwick

Machine Registrar and Vehicle Archivist 

Robert Freeman

DVLA Liaison Officers 

For bikes 1930 to 1979 

Robert Freeman, 01354 656569

For bikes 1980 to present 

Ken Buchanan

  Newsletter Editor 

Paul Nadin

Facebook Co-Ordinator

Charles Newall

    Show Organisers 


Dik Langan

Langford Steam Museum Bike Meet

Bob Townley

North East

Simon Johnston

Conversion Specialist

Mike Nobbs

 Model Specialists:


Ian Murley



Ian Murley



Alan Barton

Peter Ardron


Post '69 airheads and 'K's'

Mike DelaCoe



    Regional Representatives

     Volunteers needed!


North East

Simon Johnston


Western Region

Charles Newall


South West

Volunteer needed


East Anglia Region,

Volunteer needed



Paul Nadin


Isle of Man

Chris Wallis



Tony Farrell